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Massage’s history is rooted in technique and body knowledge, but is also about heart, healing intention and connection between therapist and client.

Bob Benson, ABMP (Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals) Chairman


Camille is a Licensed Massage Therapist who attended Lauterstein-Conway in Austin, Texas, one of the most advanced programs in the US, where she trained in modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Medical/Orthopedic, Sports, Pregnancy/Side-Lying, Chair, and Deep Massage (The Lauterstein Method). She loves customizing sessions based on tension points and preferences to exceed expectations. One of her greatest passions is helping people relax and experience improvements through massage. As a DJ, she loves tailoring the music to suit your tastes, and as a dance enthusiast (partner and solo), she moves with the music and intuitively understands the body. She is also fluent in Spanish.

Photography by Josh Hailey (first 4 photos).


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Massage Services in Austin


You have options. I do mobile massage (house calls), event massage on location (chair and table massage), and in-office massage.

If we haven’t met yet, or if we met briefly for chair massage, contact me to schedule, and check out the policies/FAQ.

I’m available 7 days a week and will do my best to accommodate your schedule. Sometimes I can book the same day. I do my best to respond to requests within one day, often within an hour or two. I try to respond ASAP for friends and repeat clients.

Fill out the contact form and please include:

  • Where we met, or introduce yourself and we can discuss your wellness goals
  • Which session you would like and how long
  • Any add-ons or upgrades
  • Approximate location for mobile massage
  • Preferred times

Looking forward to hearing from you!


So much variety to choose from!

Mobile Massage
Event Massage
In-office Massage

Massage Styles
Customized Table Massage
“I Work with My Hands” Special
Cinematic Massage
Pregnancy/Side-Lying Massage
Couples Massage/Group Massage

Mobile Massage

Looking for a home massage (outcall/house call), at your office or other location, or need a table therapist for your event? All of the services below are available. Let me know if you would like any add-ons so I can bring supplies. Make sure you have room for a table with 2 feet of room on all sides. This makes an excellent choice to relax at home, as you can feel comfortable in your own environment and sleep or continue decompressing afterward without needing to travel.

Treat yourself or book with someone at your location. 2 hour minimum in the evening on weekdays, 2 hour minimum on weekend evenings (limited availability), and 1.5 hour minimum before evening on weekdays.

Travel fee is waived if it’s within 20 minutes of downtown. $30 per 15 minutes of additional distance from downtown.


After booking, learn how to enhance your massage and spa treatment at home.

Event Massage

Event Massage is available at your location as chair or table massage. Available for employee appreciation days, birthday parties, festivals, and daytime and evening events. I can customize and costume per the occasion to suit your workplace or festive theme. For public events you’d like to market to more people, I can invite up to several hundred people from my network depending on who may be interested for Facebook events and post to Facebook and Instagram posts and stories. For chair massage, areas addressed are typically the back, neck, arms, hands, and hips/glutes/buttocks if requested. These areas are also approachable on the chair if requested: scalp, face, pecs, legs, and feet. Chair massage is typically done without oil with the shirt on, but oil may be used, or for poolside massage for example, massage may be done without a shirt, at your discretion and if appropriate at the location. Chair sessions are best booked in 10-30 minute sessions (15 minutes is most common).

60 minute minimum. Travel fee is waived if it’s within 20 minutes of downtown. $30 per 15 minutes of additional distance.
I can also charge per 10/15/20 minute session.

Complimentary add-ons to choose from for chair massage:

  • Massage Gun
  • Bongers (Japanese-inspired percussion tool)
  • Buffer (requires power)
  • Magic Massager (feels similar to an oiled massage over clothing)
  • Scalp Massage
  • Face Massage (jojoba oil, face lotion, or no oil)

See descriptions of add-ons.

In-Office Massage

Massage at the downtown office is available 7 days a week for friends, massage therapists, and colleagues in the health, wellness, beauty, and related industries (trades also available). A beverage is included, and you can ask about time at the pool/hot tub. See below for different massage styles.

Customized Table Massage

This massage is tailored to you, based on your tension points and the level of pressure you prefer, to aim to achieve relaxation and the outcomes you’re looking for. You may customize with add-ons to create a uniquely therapeutic spa experience.

60-120 minutes
$120/hour (downtown office)

Available downtown, for couples, and mobile.

“I Work with My Hands” Special

This is the knot-melting supreme treatment for anyone who works with their hands and needs to relax. It’s the same as the Customized Table Massage at the same price with extra care for problem areas such as tense shoulders and pain between shoulder blades (“mouse shoulder”/“computer shoulder” for office workers or just stress), “tech neck”, tight pecs, carpal tunnel, and sore hands. I’ve trained for over a decade treating these particular patterns, I used to work in tech, and I’m stronger than I look. Deep tissue/deep pressure is no problem. You may not even realize the tension you’re holding in these areas and could feel like a new person afterward. You may customize with add-ons to create a uniquely therapeutic spa experience. You may enjoy some of your time in the massage chair or seated to get at troublesome knots from more angles at no extra cost per hour.

60-120 minutes. 75+ recommended for intense work.
$120/hour (downtown office)

Available downtown, for couples, and mobile.

Cinematic Massage

A seated/lounging massage while watching a show or movie. Great for neck, upper back, arms, pecs, feet, and calves while still being able to see the TV. Cinematic massages are clothes-on, or the top may be removed. Ladies should keep a bra or top on. Netflix, HBO, Starz, Hulu, Prime, or log in to your account. Stove-cooked popcorn available with antioxidants, butter or vegan, or choose another snack. Check out the other add-ons.

60-120 minutes
$120/hour (downtown office)

Available downtown and mobile.

Pregnancy/Side-Lying Massage

This soothing and rejuvenating pre-natal massage is customized for the needs of expectant mothers, but if you’re not a mom-to-be and just want to switch up the massage routine, you’re welcome to choose this service too. Light and medium pressure are applied for relaxation and to ease aches and pains. Pillows provide support throughout the massage. Only available after the first trimester.

60-75 minutes
$120/hour (downtown office)

Available downtown, for couples (can book different services), and mobile.

Check out the add-ons. Note that for a Beverage, alcohol will not be served, and for Aromatherapy, some essential oils are contraindicated. These are also contraindicated: Massage Gun, Bongers, Buffer, CBD Butter, and Hot Tub.

Couples Massage/Group Massage

Enjoy some quality time with a partner, family member, or friend, or have a party. Great for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, celebrations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and more. Available downtown for 2 in the same room, at your location if you can accommodate multiple tables with 2 feet of space between and around them, back-to-back with one or multiple tables, at a hotel spa downtown in the same or separate rooms for up to 5 at a time or at a spa in Westlake in separate rooms for up to 2 at a time. Services may vary for different therapists, so specify what you’re looking for and if you have a preference for a female or male therapist. Also see other services for more information.

Policies & FAQ

Check those out here.