Policies & FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know, and then some, about my massage policies and FAQ. If you don’t see it, ask.

What are your credentials?
What about my medical condition(s)?
Can you perform adjustments?
How deep can you go?
How long should I book for?
How often should I book?
What if I’m late?
What about tipping?
Why is massage expensive?
Do you do trades?
What is your cancellation policy?
How does draping work?
Do you do “extra” services?
Do you have my favorite modality, spa service, or product?
Is it ok if I feel chatty or don’t want to talk?
What are your cleaning protocols?
Do you have any hypo-allergenic, organic, or scent-free products?

What are your credentials? I hold these licenses in TX: Licensed Massage Therapist, TABC Certificate, and Food Handler Certificate. I attended Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in Austin, TX, one of the most advanced programs in the US, training in modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Medical/Orthopedic, Sports, Pregnancy/Side-Lying, Chair, and Deep Massage (The Lauterstein Method). I am required to take 12 continuing education credits every 2 years, and I go above and beyond that, as well as trading with other massage therapists to share knowledge. My areas of extra training include chair massage, Thai massage, and stretching. I graduated in 2021 and have been working on friends and family and learning from massage therapists for over a decade before deciding to switch careers from tech. I have several years of experience including at luxury spas. After a session, people tend to remark that they feel relaxed, they have some pain relief and increased range of motion, and I was able to deliver the level of pressure they were looking for. Some say it’s the best or one of the best massages they’ve had. Repeat clients and referrals make the best compliments!

What about my medical condition(s)? Please inform me of any medical conditions, medications, injuries, surgeries, or allergies that may affect your massage. I am trained in Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, and Pathology. Client information is confidential. I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose or prescribe.

Can you perform adjustments? I am not a chiropractor. Occasionally, adjustments occur as a result of massage or stretching.

How deep can you go? Pretty deep! I’m stronger than I look, and I know how to use techniques to my/your advantage. I’ve never had anyone say it wasn’t enough pressure after making adjustments. You can tell me if you need more or less pressure. It’s important to warm up the muscle first so the deep pressure is therapeutic and the body doesn’t tense up in response. I target up to a therapeutic level of intensity for powerful change that is still relaxing. My goal isn’t for you to be in pain but to help you heal.

How long should I book for? 60 minutes is an excellent amount of time for relaxation and light attention to trouble areas. 75-90 minutes is recommended for more attention to those areas. 120 minutes is a luxurious amount of time for extreme tension or extra pampering. You can also book multiple sessions to give the muscles more time to rejuvenate.

How often should I book? Some people just get massage when they have an injury or a flare-up, or for a special occasion, like a birthday or anniversary. We often don’t realize how much tension we carry until after a massage, because we get used to it. Everything in life is better when you’re relaxed and take care of your body, and massage is excellent preventative medicine. Investing in your health and sense of well-being can make a big difference. Massage can reduce pain and stress, boost mood and energy, lower blood pressure, improve circulation, decrease inflammation, enhance sleep quality, help with workout recovery, improve flexibility, and strengthen the immune response. Whether you’re looking for massage on occasion, once a month, once a week, or several times a week, it’s up to you and how you feel.

What if I’m late? Please arrive on time or up to 15 minutes early to ensure I can accommodate your full time. If you are late, I can try to accommodate your full time but cannot guarantee it.

What about tipping? Gratuity is customary from 15-25% but not included by default. I believe that it’s important to receive bodywork for health and want it to be accessible. If you love your service, it’s a way to show appreciation. I appreciate it as this isn’t just what I do because I’m passionate about helping people, but it’s also how I make a living, and a lot more goes into the work than time on the table.

Why is massage expensive? The cost comes from the time and cost of school, continuing education, licensing and insurance, self-employment taxes and insurance, laundry, supplies, communication, intake/outtake, marketing, and transportation and setup. Massage therapists tend to work part-time as it’s physically demanding and many hours go into tasks other than massage. Prices are fair market costs, and as an independent practitioner, I can provide some complimentary add-ons, low-cost upgrades, and specials for an excellent value. I aim to provide a top tier, 5 star level of service that is both effective and a luxurious experience.

Do you do trades? Trades may be available for massage therapists, other professional bodyworkers, and other professions, services, and products.

What is your cancellation policy? 24 hours notice is requested. Please give me a heads up so I can adjust my schedule.

How does draping work? Draping is used for table massages for comfort and privacy. You may undress to your comfort level. The area being massaged will be undraped, or you may choose to keep a certain area draped, like the glutes/buttocks, and receive a compression massage through the sheet if you wish. You are welcome to skip any area. Breasts and genitalia will not be uncovered or massaged. The pectoral area above breast tissue may be massaged which may help with back pain. The abdomen will remain draped unless you request abdominal massage.

Do you do “extra” services? Sexual advances and innuendo are not appropriate. I am a licensed professional and massage is offered for therapeutic purposes only.

Do you have my favorite modality, spa service, or product? Let me know and I may be able to accommodate or refer you.

Is it ok if I feel chatty or don’t want to talk? You may choose to chat or just relax, and I will follow your lead. I have to warn you though that if you want to talk, I’ll do my best to entertain you, inform you, tell you stories, and make you laugh.

What are your cleaning protocols? Hygiene standards are followed for health and safety. Effective, natural wipes eliminate 99+% of bacteria and viruses on all surfaces. Laundry detergent is hypo-allergenic and scent-free.

Do you have any hypo-allergenic, organic, or scent-free products? Yes, if you have sensitive skin or a sensitive sense of smell or have preferences, I have these and other high quality products, and essential oils do not contain synthetic fragrances.